Facials + Skin Treatments

Glow Up Facial


Diminish fine lines and signs of aging with this customized facial. We’ll begin with hot towels, a double cleanse, refreshing masks + a relaxing facial massage. This facial will rejuvenate the skin and pamper your soul.

Mermaid Facial


This Mermaid Facial will start with a double cleanse and hot towels. The luminous “C” & Sea Mask is a three-step, easy to lift-off mask with immediate results. This treatment combines a high potency concentration of Vitamin C with the latest high-tech formulation of pure, freeze-dried seaweed, micro-encapsulation of Vitamin C. This mask reduces fine lines, strengthens skin’s elasticity, counteracts photo-aging, and restores a more youthful appearance. Provides an unsurpassed astonishingly visible result that can only be described as luminous.

Gua Sha Facial


Gua Sha, a traditional part of Chinese medicine, promotes healthy blood flow to the face + neck and helps to release lymph fluid build up. This detoxifying facial starts with a double cleanse and includes hot towels, anti-aging marine collagen mask + LED light therapy.

Gua Sha Buccal Facial


The Gua Sha Buccal Facial features facial sculpting through the use of the Gua Sha, focusing on a deep massage of the inner + outer cheeks and jaw.

Acne Facial


Beginning with a thorough analysis of the skin, the Acne Facial will target areas of concern. Beginning with hot towels to open up the pores, this facial will include hydrating toners, exfoliation, gentle extractions and blue LED light therapy.



This painless procedure creates micro punctures in the skin to fade scars, wrinkles and fine lines.



Gentle blade that removes all hair leaving your skin smooth and exfoliated.



Microdermabrasion meets a diamond tip wand to rejuvenate dull and tired skin while exfoliating.


Signature Rosacea Facial


This calming facial will start with a double cleanse, hydrating toners + masks. This is an unsurpassed treatment therapy, offering a radical solution to skin hypersensitivity. It reduces congestion + addresses skin sensitivity, Rosacea and acne Rosacea.

Back Facial


This Back Facial will relax you and hydrate your skin through the use of hydrating toners, exfoliation + more. Pregnancy Back Facials are performed on your side and include a complimentary leg massage (under the knee) + foot massage.